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Is a home of the region's highly-skilled artisans, potters and painters

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MaeSa Valley Craft Village

A day out with difference. Nestled in one of Chiang Mai most beautiful botanical gardens, with the Waterfall and water stream, MaeSa Craft Village is a home of the region's highly-skilled artisans, potters and painters. Here, visitors are not only watching them at work, they can also join and have fun too! Morning and afternoon activities enable participants to learn some of the skills that have made northern Thai handicraft famous throughout the world.

MaeSa Valley Craft Village has three centers of fun-filled activities: Thai Cooking class, Health Center, and Craft Village. Each session lasts two and a half hours. A participant can spend half or whole day learn two different kinds of craft or practice one in greater depth. A visitor can take home a unique souvenir that he has made. It is a day out that everyone can enjoy.

Parasol and Fan Painting

This is one of the classic crafts of northern Thailand yet it is remarkably easy to learn how to create stunning effects from flower designs to realistic scenes of village life, with painting on parasols and fans. All materials are provided and participants can take away their work at the end of the session.

Batik Dyeing

We provide a plain piece of cloth for the wax painting and color dyeing. After that, a variety of materials including shirts and blouses are also available for those who wish to make something special.

Ceramic Painting

A participant will be given a plain ceramic pot and learn how to hand paint a simple traditional design. After that it will be put in our kiln overnight and delivered to your hotel in Chiang Mai. A selection of a plain ceramic is available for you to create your own unique design.

“SA” Paper Making

The making of “Sa” paper by hand is another traditional northern craft. It looks very beautiful when flowers and leaves are pressed into the liquid paper. It is very easy to achieve a remarkable result. All materials are provided and participants are encouraged to be as adventurous as they canin creating their own designs. Paper sheets are drying overnight and will be delivered to your hotel in Chiang Mai within 48 hours. Those who wishes, may have it posted to their home with a postage charge.

Thai Cooking School

The popularity of Thai cuisine in the western world has been truly amazing but many of those who love Thai food are still mystified by many kinds of ingredients and also hesitate when it comes to cooking even the simplest dishes. In fact, the art of Thai cooking is not as complicate as many people think.

The MaeSa Valley Cooking School was set up by the Britain’s most famous Thai chef, Vacharin Bhumichitr. Recipes are taken from his cookery books. Our four different cooking sessions offer a chance to learn a variety of starters and main dishes.

The session begins with a visit to our farm to study and gather ingredients requires for each recipe such as a lemon grass, pea aubergine, holy basil, lime leaves. Then, in our school kitchen, participants are given a brief introduction to Thai food, cooking equipments, and dishes to be cooked- a starter and two main dishes.

Our instructor chef will demonstrates and guide participants to cook each dish. After that, they can enjoy Thai food that they have cooked.

Thai herbal massage and spa

After a long fun day, relax yourself in our herbal steam room where a selection of specially chosen natural aromas help ease away the aches and pain of modern life. Moreover, a traditional Thai massage gently kneads away knotted pressure points providing utmost relaxation to the body and mind. Loose-fitting garments are provided for your maximum comfort.